Our Approach

Think of us as an extension of your team. Close collaboration with you is the key to our joint success.

Team-work and close collaboration are the defining features of our approach. Our mission is to understand your industry and help you build a clear and strong brand identity. We think of ourselves as an extension of your team—working to further your brand and marketing efforts. Our approach is designed to streamline our collaboration and generate concrete results and set you up for future success.

Before we start working on any project, we get to know your business like it’s our own. Getting to know your business, brand, and industry enables us to take a holistic and personalized approach as we craft valuable user experiences for your brand.


Mingle & Listen

We like to meet you in person or even on Skype before we start working on your projects. Spending a couple of hours together will give us both a chance to get to know each other and for us to understand your needs. This meeting can set the tone for our partnership and help us come up with recommendations and proposals for your projects.


Analyze & Propose

Once we have fully understood your history, your current standing, and your future goals, we put together a comprehensive Plan of Action (PoA) for you. The PoA includes an assessment of your current branding and marketing efforts and our recommendations for the next steps in your brand’s evolution (or revolution). Together, we’ll tackle some hard questions like, “How are you useful for your customer?” and “What is your unique story and how do you want to be perceived?”, etc. The proposal will be a living document that we can both reference and refine.


Craft Brand Identity

The most successful brands are those that have a clear and consistent voice that permeates throughout their company culture, products, and marketing efforts. They also tell a compelling story. Those two things are what we’ll be working together to craft by building upon and implementing our joint PoA. We’ll guide you in telling your story in a unique and engaging way. We’ll equip you not only with a cutting-edge website, professional logo, and beautiful graphics but also with a vision for the future and a set of easy-to-reference guidelines.


Build Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing is the next step in the evolution of your brand. We give you the tools and the know-how to grow your customer-base through digital marketing campaigns. We’ll create a comprehensive marketing roadmap for you complete with content and the technologies you need to succeed.


Assess, Re-Assess, Innovate

A dynamic approach that vacillates between action and assessment is the key to success. By evaluating your efforts and progress often you open the door for insightful creativity. An effective process needs to be open to change, because that’s how innovation happens. We’ll setup regular assessments for your brand and marketing efforts to make sure they are bearing fruit and will work with you to make any necessary adjustment.

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